habit rosary remake 7

habit rosary remake 6

habit rosary remake 5

habit rosary remake 4

the centerpiece is original and represents the sorrowful mother (Mary grieving at the foot of the Cross) on the front. The reverse shows Jesus displaying His Heart.

habit rosary remake 3

A habit rosary is one that is used by a monk or a nun, a religious brother or a religious sister and is worn as part of the religious habit (a habit is a "uniform" that members of religious orders sometimes wear.)

habit rosary remake 2

the chain separating the Our-Father beads from the decades of Hail-Mary beads is original. However the chain which probably connected the original crucifix with the original first Our-Father bead was missing (as were the original crucifix and the original first Our-Father bead) and was replaced by a wrapped wire bow. The circlet is about 44 inches in circumference and the drop is 9 and 7/8 inches long from the top of the centerpiece to the bottom of the crucifix. The length of the rosary is almost 32 inches long. (That is, if it were hung from a hook from the middle of the 3rd decade, the bottom of the crucifix would hang almost 32 inches below the hook.)

remaking a broken habit

This is a remake of a broken habit rosary I got at St Vincent de Paul thrift shop in Sheboygan, WI. It was missing 2 beads and the crucifix. I replaced the Our-Father beads with dramatic black and white swirled glass "tablets" (by which I mean a sort of rectangular prism with rounded corners and edges) 20mm x 11mm x 7mm, from JSM Bead Coop. I added a metal-bound black wooden crucifix, 57mm x 31mm [OLRM 549] from Our Lady's Rosary Makers. The Hail-Mary beads are 14mm x 9mm black wooden ovals. They were originally strung on tough stainless steel eye-pins, which I retained as much as possible, but I used 20-gauge nickel-silver craft wire, and wrapped wire loops and bows for the parts I had to replace.