remaking a broken habit

This is a remake of a broken habit rosary I got at St Vincent de Paul thrift shop in Sheboygan, WI. It was missing 2 beads and the crucifix. I replaced the Our-Father beads with dramatic black and white swirled glass "tablets" (by which I mean a sort of rectangular prism with rounded corners and edges) 20mm x 11mm x 7mm, from JSM Bead Coop. I added a metal-bound black wooden crucifix, 57mm x 31mm [OLRM 549] from Our Lady's Rosary Makers. The Hail-Mary beads are 14mm x 9mm black wooden ovals. They were originally strung on tough stainless steel eye-pins, which I retained as much as possible, but I used 20-gauge nickel-silver craft wire, and wrapped wire loops and bows for the parts I had to replace.

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