Lutheran lenten chaplet


I finished this project today. It is a rosary-like chaplet patterned on the structure of the liturgical season of Lent. The charcoal-gray pearl after the cross represents Ash Wednesday the next 3 amethyst crystals represent the next 3 Lenten weekdays, and the lavender pearl represents the first Sunday of lent. Skipping over the large white pearl in the center, the amethyst crystals represent the weekdays of Lent, and the pearls represent the Sundays. The rose pearl stands for Lætare Sunday. Finally, the large white pearl in the center symbolizes Easter Sunday.

*Around the circle, then, are beads for the days of Lent plus the Sundays of Lent (a little larger, a different color to make them stand out), for, of course, the Sundays are all celebrated as "little Easters" and thus are not counted among the 40 days of Lent. First four Lent beads, then one Sunday, then the rest in groups of six and one. The last bead is Easter and may be larger and lighter in color than all.

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