putting it together

The hardest thing about making this rosary was making the Our-Father beads, but the second hardest was finding a centerpiece which would compliment the rugged yet flashy turquoise. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a Guadalupe centerpiece, but I couldn't find one that looked right. Finally the rosary was completed except for the centerpiece. the decades are all strung, but the two decades above the centerpiece could not be crimped until I had something to crimp them to. The centerpieces I disliked the least are shown above with the unfinished rosary. After taking this photo, I decided not to go with either of them, and I found 3 more Guadalupe centerpieces on the web from two suppliers. I sent away for them. And they arrived Tuesday Feb 17. (they would have arrived on Monday, but the post office was closed.) One of them was just right. I am glad I waited.
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